Now you can have potted plants anywhere with a single solution to eliminate standing water.


Water Drain Trays Made in the USA

Drain 100% water away from plants or pots with the best priced water drain trays in the USA.  Our Water B Gone drain trays are designed to make growing potted plants easier and portable. The Water B Gone drain trays feature a raised molded platform center to make sure your container sits above draining water.  The tray is sloped towards the spout so all water flows toward the drain and away from your growing area. Eliminate water staining on patios or decks by directing water drainage or recycling water.


Water B Gone Drain trays are made of durable injection molded plastic and comes in a “19 diameter and “25 diameter for larger pots. 

 Our water drain trays are priced 50% less than those found at national retailers.  Water B Gone also has a full line of durable Plant Saucers with an easy pour spout also available.